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Metsämesi organic honey gets its aroma from the forests and fields of North Karelia. Honey plants include e.g. wild raspberry, willowherb, lingonberry, billberry and clover. Our organic honey is unheated and it contains enzymes and nutrients provided by nature. Metsämesi organic honey is a 100% pure natural product. Nothing has been added or removed from our honey.

Organic Honey Straight
From Finnish Forests


Our Organic Forest-Honey Range

Multi-flower honey

Single-flower honey

Bees collect honey from forest and field flowers. In the flower fields blooms clover, dandelion, wood cranesbill and in the forest wild raspberry, blueberry, lingonberry, willowherb and heather.

The properties, taste and type of honey depend on the honey plant. Hives are placed in an area in which the forest or floral species are found that correspond to the type of honey sought for example heather or buckwheat.

Flavoured honey

Flavored honeys are honey preparations, which means that flavoring ingredients are added to honey. You can choose out of all our 2 flavours: organic strawberry or spruce sprout.  

Our Beehives

Our beehives are located in the pure nature of Eastern Finland, on forested slopes and meadows. The sources of nectar and pollen for our bees are mainly organically grown or wild plants. A bee can fly within a three-kilometer radius of its hive to collect pollen and honey, so in organic production, the location of the hives is controlled and the beekeeper must ensure that there are no pollution sources or areas harmful to the bees' health in the region.

Our bees hibernate in their own nests, in a tight winter ball around the queen, in the wild. At the end of the production season, sufficient reserves of honey and pollen must be left in the hives, and in addition, the beehives are given winter food made from organically produced sugar to ensure the colony's survival during the winter.

Our Story

Metsämesi is a family owned company whose roots are deep in the rich soil of North Karelia. Pirjo and Harri Tervonen bought the farm of Pirjo's parents in Kitee, in the village of Huikkola. Soon after the purchase in 1995, they started organic farming. In addition to grain, also clover, buckwheat, sweet clover and purple tansy were grown on the fields, but the specialty was honey, which the bees collected not only from their own fields, but also from the forests in the surrounding areas and from Kesälahti's shores of Puruvesi.

Beekeeping, which started as a hobby, has become the main industry of the farm, but the passion for working together with nature has remained. Over the years, both grandparents and children of the family with their friends have participated in beekeeping. Beekeeping also employs two or three seasonal workers in summer who have become part of the family over the years.

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